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Some Interesting SAR Articles

For those of you on the SAR-L email list and/or the Search & Rescue Discussion Group on LinkedIn, you may already have seen most or all of these. But here are some articles from the world of SAR I've read lately that I found interesting:

Spot + GPS = new device introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show: (pictured here) "Unlike the traditional Spot device, the Earthmate PN-60W will allow the user to transmit custom messages, which can be sent to your emergency contacts as well as your Twitter and Facebook friends." (And Search & Rescue)

Police Train Vultures To Find Human Remains: "German police are testing the use of vultures to seek out human corpses in a unique project aimed at dramatically speeding up criminal investigations."

GPS Leads 3 Parties Astray in Oregon: "In a holiday hurry, Jeramie Griffin piled his family into the car and asked his new GPS for the quickest way from his home in the Willamette Valley across the Cascade Range."

Editorial: Personal Responsibility Seems Missing Among Hunters Stranded By Storm: "How do you prevent people from putting themselves in so much danger of death or injury that someone else has to come rescue them? Should they be charged for the rescue? Should they be fined if it turns out they were breaking a rule or regulation? Should they be barred from returning to, say, a national park where they were rescued?"

Boy Escapes Death Despite 16 Hours In Freezing Cold: "In an amazing story of survival a 13-year-old boy survived more than 16 hours in the freezing cold California mountains without shoes."

Searching With Compassion, Surviving With Grace: "If you're looking for courage, dignity and faith this holiday season, it's in plain sight with search-and-rescue teams and the loved ones of the lost."

Find any interesting SAR articles lately? Let me know, and I'll add them to my SARStoriesNews posts, including who submitted them (with a link to your SAR or team site if applicable).

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