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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Rescuer's Eye-View of a Mid-Face Short Haul

"Jonathan Lytton was just climbing along last August on Dan’s Delight in Banff National Park, Alberta, and then he wasn’t: A rock fell from above, smashing his helmet and sending him from the sharp end of the rope into a leader fall. His first piece of protection pulled out and by the time he was caught by his partner and belayer, he’d plummeted 66 feet. The fall broke his ankle and some ribs, dislocated his shoulder, and left him unconscious for five minutes with head injuries."

Check out the rescue in the Canadian Rockies. I'll soon be adding this amazing video to the SARStories site.

Read about the rescue in "High Risk, High Drama in the Canadian Rockies" on Adventure Journal.

And thank you to photographer Christopher Eaton for bringing this story and video to my attention.