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Friday, February 11, 2011

SAR News: Conferences, Tracking Classes, A Katie Kim Interview, and SAR Reading

Here are two more SAR conferences you might be interested in...

The IDHS Search and Rescue conference will be June 2 - 5, 2011, at the IDHS SAR Training Center at Camp Atterbury, Indiana. See the conference agenda here.
Little Egypt Search and Rescue will be holding its 4th Annual SAREX at Dixon Springs State Park in Southern Illinois, April 15 -17, 2011. Sign up on their website at

You can find other 2011 SAR Conferences in my earlier post here.

Universal Tracking Services has posted some 2011 tracking classes on their site at There are currently two in April (in Wamic, OR, and Duncan, B.C.), two in May (in Colorado Springs, CO, and Cache County, UT), and two in September (in Wamic, OR, and Daggit County, UT).

Tonight on ABC's 20/20, there will be a two-hour interview with Kati Kim, who will discuss her family's
disappearance in Oregon, when they were stranded for nine freezing cold days in 2006. Her husband, James Kim, attempted to go for help and succumbed to hypothermia. See: '20/20' Exclusive: Kati Kim on Her Family's Harrowing Ordeal

And here's a book that was recommended to me by another SAR volunteer. It's called Playing for Real: Stories from Rocky Mountain Rescue and is about the founding of the Rocky Mountain Rescue Team in the 1940s and subsequent rescues and recoveries from that time onward, mostly in the general vicinity of Boulder, CO.