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New at SARstories: Articles & More

We've added a new section to the SARstories website for search and rescue articles, studies, e-zines and gear reviews. The hunt for items of interest will be ongoing, but I think we have a decent start.

Among the material we've found so far is a study by Mike McDonald, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Operations and Management (of the ASTM F-32 Committee on Search and Rescue) of 20 SAR organizations' 24-hour pack lists. Between the 20 lists, there were a total of 100 items, but no list included all 100 items. Only six of the items appeared on all 20 lists, while just three were required by all of the groups. Having heard the term "the ten essentials" so often, I was surprised there weren't at least ten items common to all lists. Check out the study in PDF format here.

Also, we came across an article entitled, "Jokers on the Mountain: When Politics and Mountain Rescues Collide" by Lloyd Athearn, which focuses on the debate over whether or not to charge rescuees—in this case, mountain climbers—for their rescues.

Visit our Articles & More section to see what else we've come across. And if you find something SAR-related that's of interest to you, let us know so we can share it with the rest of the SAR community.

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