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Learn About Becoming a SAR Volunteer

Search & Rescue Articles

by Deb Lauman

Becoming a Search & Rescue Volunteer : What SAR is all about and how to get involved, as well as interesting SAR news stories


Rock Rescue Academy Part 1: Learning to Rappel

Rock Rescue Academy Part 2: Learning to Ascend & Rig Anchors

Rock Rescue Academy Part 3: Raising Systems

Rock Rescue Academy Part 4: Learning to Belay

Outfitting for Technical Rescue: The gear I'm using

Ropes That Rescue Rigging Class Photos: Sedona, Arizona

Ropes That Rescue: Arizona Vortex Rigging Class


Alternative Navigation: Land navigation without a compass or GPS

Basic Map & Compass 

How To Use A GPS: The Basics and Background

How To Use A GPS: Coordinate Systems & Datums

How To Use A GPS: Waypoints & Go-Tos

How To Use A GPS: Tracks & Routes


Man-Tracking 101: How to Find and Follow Tracks for Search & Rescue

SARpack: Search & Rescue Gear

The Ten Essentials for Backcountry Travel 

The Use and Misuse of the SPOT Satellite Messenger


Wilderness Survival & Rescue Reading: Recommended SAR-related books

SAR City: A Search & Rescue Conference in Barstow, California

Hikers from the United States Missing in Foreign Countries

Listen to Live Radio Communications Online: Find out about SAR missions in the works even before getting called out.