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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Howth Coast Guard, Ireland

I came across a blog today that I wanted to pass along. It's written by members of the Howth Coast Guard, a division of the Irish Coast Guard, or IRCG, made up of volunteers. Howth is one of 55 voluntary teams inland and around the coast of the Republic of Ireland with a total of 950 members.

Looking at the unit's call-out log, I see they've responded to twelve missions since the beginning of this year. You can read about those missions and the other activities of the Howth Coast Guard at

As you can see by the example here, they've also got some wonderful photos on the site. This one was taken during a training exercise on the west pier of Howth Harbour. Unit members worked on 3 skill areas--roped stretchers, confidence lining and casualty approaches--then combined them in a short scenario.

You can see more photos of this team's activities, taken by member Robin Blanford, on

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