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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Message from the SARstories Webmaster

I have to snicker at the "master" part. As if I really know what I'm doing. So far, though, the SARstories website seems to be holding together well enough, but I half expect to log on one day and find everything all topsy-turvy. Hopefully, as time goes on, I'll figure out how to implement more of my ideas, as well as some that have been suggested by others in the SAR community, not to mention improve on what's already there. So keep the suggestions coming!

Anyhow, as you may be able to tell, the tone of this entry is a little different than what's come before. Given that this is only post #17, I figured it's not too late to make an adjustment and, as traffic to the site and blog subscriptions have been going up recently, I thought I'd better do so sooner than later. So from hereon out, you'll probably see a few more I's, because, after all, it's just me doing the blogging and webMASTERing. (Which I'm sure is quite obvious, since I put my own blog front and center on the homepage. Subtle, I know.)

For those of you who just recently stumbled upon this blog and/or who may not have read Deb's Search & Rescue Stories (couldn't resist sticking a link in there, too), I wanted to be sure you know that I'm no expert at anything SAR. As of this writing, I've been involved with Search & Rescue only 15 months and 10 days, with, if I've tallied them correctly, 32 missions under my belt. That's not nothin', but I do have a lot to learn, which is part of what I love about it.

And that's really what this blog is about. If I come across a SAR-related topic, mission report or news story, a piece of technology or gear, or anything else SAR that makes me say, "Hmmm," I'll look into it and write about what I've learned. And I encourage anyone with more knowledge on a subject to post your comments, insights or even corrections if I've made a goof. Also, if you'd like to make a guest post, please email me at Feel free to tell us about your team, too! I personally find it really interesting to learn about other SAR teams, as well as how some of us do things differently. Also, if you've been the subject of a SAR mission, we ... uh, I (and I'm sure everyone else) would love to hear from you.

Which reminds me, I just added a story to the website about a rescue here in Coconino County, Arizona, with links to both my own mission report AND a firsthand account by one of the rescued hikers. (Click here, then scroll down a bit to "A Rescue on the Mogollon Rim.")

I also wanted to tell you about my plan to create forums on, to include topics on the many different types of Search & Rescue, SAR technology and gear, recommended SAR reading, skills, missions and so forth. I'll let you know when the forums are up and running and hope you'll stop by to join the discussion.

Okay, now back to anything and everything SAR. Happy holidays, everybody, and here's to more successful missions. *clink!* (That was a non-alcoholic toast, in case anyone gets a call-out.)

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