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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Featured Team: 1st Special Response Group

Now and then, SARstories will highlight one of the Search & Rescue teams listed in our directory. At first, we were going to just close our eyes and pick one, but then I received an email from a member of the 1st Special Response Group and figured, hey, that's a great one to start with. After hours and hours scouring the web for teams to include, that one had stuck out in my mind. Then I went back to their website and realized why.

The 1st Special Response Group's motto is "Anytime, Anywhere," and that's certainly true. According to their site, "1SRG is available worldwide upon request of any government agency or international aid organization ... 1SRG can provide requesting agencies with: Standard wilderness search teams; Mantracking teams; Ground and/or Water Search with K9 utilization for both living subjects and cadaver (including forensic search); Technical Rescue including urban, mountain, cave, and confined space; and, Water Rescue."

1SRG's website includes a section about their missions and projects, including a write-up about Robert Bogucki, who walked into the Great Sandy Desert in Australia to find God. Thirty-four days later, 1SRG found Robert alive and helped him walk out. Other missions have taken the team to Fiji, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Peru and the list goes on.

Based at Moffett Federal Air Field in California, 1SRG is made up entirely of volunteer professionals. Visit their website at

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